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So, you’re looking for a nose job, yes?

Often, someone looks in the mirror and decides they don’t like
their nose. As a result, they’ll seek a surgeon to complete a
Rhinoplasty, which is the medical term for reshaping a nose. In
fact, it is the most difficult cosmetic surgery head to toe.

Because of its complexity, many plastic or cosmetic surgeons
will not perform this procedure. This makes finding the right
surgeon even more critical for the patient.

While surgical expertise is very important, actual experience in
this type of procedure is the most important thing to look for.
When I just started doing rhinoplasty procedures, my mentors
told me that the first 500 didn’t even count. Since then, I have
performed 1,000s of rhinoplasty. Today, I can safely say I’ve
performed more than any other surgeon in the South Bay area of
Los Angeles.

First, its important to understand what to expect. Because of
the complexity of the nose itself, Perfection is rarely
possible, but improvement always is. The patient and doctor must
understand the objectives. What can, and cannot be achieved
should be clearly explained.

While a facelift, blepharoplasty, etc. create a fresh new
youthful appearance, a rhinoplasty creates a new and more
balanced appearance. This often requires more time for the
postoperative patient to adjust than surgery of the aging face.
That said, what can you expect?

First, at the initial consultation, the patient needs to tell
what he or she wants to have happen. In our office, I then spend
a lot of time describing what I can or cannot do and how I do
it. Limitations and expectations must be clearly described.
Remember, a rhinoplasty patient may not see the final result for
up to one year. If changes occur too fast, the patient might
actually have been overdone. Above all, this is a serious
medical procedure and the patient’s health and wellbeing are

Second, we’ll walk you through the process, including what the
expect after the procedure. The operation itself is about 1-1/2
hours under local or general anesthesia. Postoperative pain is
most likely to mimic that of a bad sinus infection with a stuffy
nose. Any internal nasal packing is removed the next day; if the
nose is stabilized, the cast typically comes off at the 4 or 5
day mark. Black and blue eyes almost always, but now the real
healing has begun.

Remember, while you’ll see a result after the cast is taken off,
there is still a great deal of swelling. The changes on a day-
to-day basis are small but you’ll see the true results settle in
over as long as a year.

But, it will be worth the wait.

Dr. David Bray

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